Black Hallows

Black Hallows

The Black Hallows Townsfolk are a range of Heros and non-player characters and buildings for role playing and war games.

The Black Hallows buildings are a range of 3D Printable buildings. Suitable for printing on an FDM printer. 

We will be offering a selection of miniature models as downloadable .STL files, for printing on a 3D printer. Models will supplied with a file for the base topper to suit a standard 32mm base.

For SLA or DLP printers, the files will be scaled at 32mm, butwe have printed them at 28mm and they look great at 75mm and bigger!

If you are using an FDM printer to print the miniatures, they would need to be printed larger and with support.


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New Black Hallows Townsfolk: The Stables

Product no.: BHT2-Stables

£11.00 *

New Black Hallows Townsfolk: The Boar's Head Tavern

Product no.: BHT2-Tavern

£18.00 *

New Black Hallows Townsfolk: The Shack

Product no.: BHT2-Shack

£6.00 *
* Price incl. VAT (Where applicable)