Dragon Dice Tower, Roling tray and Dice Box

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The Dragon Dice Tower, is not only a beautifully crafted dice storage box, made from solid oak, fine leather and finished with beeswax.
It's also a dice tower and rolling tray combined. The dice tower sits snugly into the rolling tray and we have tested it with a number of different brands of dice.
This means your dice rolls are completely left in the hands of the dice gods!

The strong neodymium magnets hold the box together for safe storage, but it also comes with an embossed leather strap to ensure that there are no critical failures while rattling around in your gaming bag. We have also tested to see if there is any chance for escapees, for sets with a standard 14+mm D6, there were none that fell out.

The dice storage box, when together measures approximately 120mm x 159mm x 39mm

When assembled into the dice tower and rolling tray the measurements are as follows:

Dice tower is 159mm x 64mm x 39mm

If you have any questions, please drop us a message.

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