Precinct 187

Precinct 187

Precinct 187 is a versatile range of urban 3D printable gaming terrain.

The buildings have interior walls, fittinPregs and staircases, and the modular construction method allows you to chose your own building height, layouts. You can even just use the front sections and have the rear open, if you wanted to. The scenery is 28mm scale but can be succesfully scaled up or down. The scenery lends itself to a variety of different gaming styles and games... after all, the city is there for the taking. 

Files are supplied as STL. files with no maximum download limit and no time limit for download. (However, the files are only for your personal use and not for re-sale, sharing or print-for-profit.) 

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Police House - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0003

The Police House is a multi level 3D printable peice of gaming terrain. Cops & robbers never looked so good.

£5.95 *

Big Joe's Donut Shop - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0001

Big Joe's Donut shop, where sprinkles are always the answer no matter what the question... 

£4.95 *

Mel's Diner - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0002

Mel's Diner - a place for dreams, death and good burgers, all set to a faded 1950's theme.

£3.95 *

New Coast Guard Boat - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0004

The Coastguard are the law on the water, they protect the city from threats that come in with the tide...

£5.95 *

The Tenements - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0005

They say that "home is where the heart is", but no one could say that about the tenements.. 

£7.95 *

Fire House - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0006

The Firehouse, is a 3D printable peice of urban gaming terrain, and forms part of the Precinct 187 neighbourhood.

£6.25 *

L-Train and Track - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0007

The L-Train acts as the lifeline of the city, it transports the hoi polloi and the VIPs, the good and the bad, the living and the dead.

£7.95 *

New The Docklands Complete Bundle - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0008

Something fishy is going on down at the docks. There are red herrings aplenty and it looks like someone's been put on ice... 

£24.95 *

Construction Site - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0009

The construction site a great place to lose a body, deep holes and wet cement mean that secrets can stay hidden.  

£6.95 *

Road Tile System - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0010

There are three different options for road & sidewalk tiles, allowing for your Precinct 187 board to be configured for your gameplay. 

£7.95 *

Street Accessories Pack - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0011

The Precinct 187 street accessories set includes hydrants, basketball court, dumpster and mail box.

£3.95 *

City Hall - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0012

City Hall, where the people come for answers and often end up with more questions.

£5.95 *

New East Coast Mall - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0013

Nothing to do at the weekend? Why not spend it at the East Coast Shopping Mall, you can shop till you drop.... dead! 

£36.00 *

Block Z Research Facility - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0014

Strange sounds and odours eminate from the building. One wonders if they're creating the cure or the curse...

£22.95 *

Prison Complex - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0017
£9.99 *

New Abandoned Factory - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0019

You can choose safety in the shadows, or opt for the advantages of height at the top of the chimney.

£9.95 *

New Fishing Boat - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0024

A life on the open waves isn't always plain sailing. The fishing boat is 3D printable terrain peice for wargaming and rpg.

£5.95 *

Cinema - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0025

Saturday Night at the movies, who cares what picture you see, when you're being bitten by a zombie on the back row of the balcony!

£6.99 *

City Bank - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0027

The City Bank - A Piece of 3D printable gaming scenery.

£6.45 *

Subway Station - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0028

4.6 million souls use the subway system every day, but that doesn't include the others that lurk in the dark depths of the dead end systems.

£9.95 *

Urban Dice Tower

Product no.: GA-011

3D Printable Dice tower with Urban design. Dice towers use internal ramps to make every roll fair and random.

£3.95 *

Hotel Empire - Precinct 187

Product no.: P187-0016

Through the mirky smoke filled lobby, a glint that catches your eye, was it the light in the crystal chandelier or a blade?

£6.95 *

Mini Mart

Product no.: P187-0036

The fugitive's one stop shop for snacks, beer, sunglasses and a big brimmed hat to hide under....

£3.95 *

Pawn Shop

Product no.: P187-0035

The Pawn Shop -, The best place to get rid of that hot watch or that smoking gun.

£3.95 *
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