Product no.: GA-003

Keep your paints workable for longer using a wet palette system, printed on your own 3D printer. 

£2.25 *


Product no.: GA-002

3D Printable brush stand, with different sized clips to take a variety of brush sizes and makes. 

£2.25 *
Product no.: GA-009

Fantasy themed card deck holder, created to suit the more popular card size, but scaleable up or down.

£2.25 *
Product no.: GA-004

3D printable, sci-fi styled dice tower, to ensure that all dice rolls are fair and random. 

£2.25 *
Product no.: GA-007

Do you feel the pull of the subterranean? A set of 3D printable dungeon tiles to start off your underground lair.

£8.95 *
Product no.: GA-008

The ideal 3D printable solution to show off your beautifully painted miniatures, in 25mm, 32mm and 50mm

£1.25 *
Product no.: GA-001

The Z1 Model holder is designed to hold 25mm, 30mm and 35mm models securely to allow for ease of painting. 

£8.00 *
Product no.: GA-005

Show off your minatures with the 3D printable Z1 model turntables, in either fantasy or urban background.

£2.95 *
Product no.: GA-006

3D Printable doors for use in tabletop gaming.. what will be waiting for you behind the door? 

£0.95 *