Big Joe's Donut Shop - Precinct 187

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Big Joe's Donut Shop has always been there. No one can remember what the skyline looked like without the giant donut looming overhead. It's like a beacon of hope, or maybe a call to arms? A favourite haunt of both the law and the lawless.

Big Joe's Donut Shop is a single story building, but it packs a big punch on the game board.

Please note: The building does not come with sidewalk, dumpster or fence. These can be purchased separately. 


What do I get?

You will receive a link to download the .STL files for use on a 3D Printer

The download page allows you to download either individual files or .zip file containing the full set of files. The choice is yours.

How soon will I receive the files? 

You can download the files as soon as payment has been made. They will be accessible to you from your account page and there are no maximum download limits or time limits on downloads. (Please remember that all files copyright of Z1 Design Ltd and are for personal use only, they are not for re-sale, sharing or print-for-profit.)

What scale are the files?

The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing. We have had customers successfully print at 15mm & 32mm scale.

Can I get the ready printed building? 

Unfortunately we cannot supply the ready printed buildings. This is something we'll be looking into in the future.

If you have any other questions, please drop us a line and we'll try our best to answer them for you. 

But I have more questions... 
Please contact us on or through the Contact Form and we'll try our very best to help. 

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